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Since 1998, MCAM Northwest has been a trusted authority in the manufacturing industry, working closely with Engineers, Designers and Machinists to provide digital solutions that increase productivity and reduce waste.

From concept to production, we specialize in products, services and training for your manufacturing, inspection and reverse engineering needs.

Tim Rowley


With machining and manufacturing experience dating back to 1977, Tim has been involved with Mastercam sales, support and training since 1988.

Lori Rowley


A part of MCAM Northwest from the very beginning, Lori takes care of general management of both MCAM Northwest, Inc. and Streamingteacher, Inc.

Allan Jones

Post Processor

He is one of the top post processor developers for Mastercam products in the US, says Tim. We are fortunate to have such a resource, and we could not operate the way we do without him.

Garrett Dias


Hailing from sunny Southern California, Garrett has joined us here in the Pacific Northwest in Sales.

Emily Dias

Marketing Team

Emily works on the MCAMNW customer development and marketing team.

Jim Varco

Support Specialist

Our Mastercam Technical Support Specialist, Jim has an extensive background in CNC machining and programming and has worked with Mastercam for over 15 years.

Chris Hehman


Chris credits his 30+ years in the Manufacturing industry with being able to provide excellent sales service to our clients.

John Stauffer

CAD/CAM Technical Assistant

John brings 8 years of experience in CNC Machining and programming to MCAM Northwest as our CAD/CAM Technical Assistant.

Marci Beddingfield

Customer Service

Marci works with the MCAMNW team to drive customer service and help customers work with our various products.

Jena Larson

Customer Service

Jena works with the MCAMNW team to drive customer service and help customers work with our various products.

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