Post Processing Services

Post Processing Services Policies & Overview

MCAM Northwest provides (1) generic/starter post processor per Mastercam license (Mill, Lathe, Router or Wire), free of charge, if available, for up to a 3-axis Mill, 2-axis Lathe, 3-axis Router or 2/4- axis Wire EDM. This post will be provided as-is. Any modification requests will be submitted using our Post Modification form. Any machine type not covered above or where a generic/starter post is not available will require a Custom Post.

Custom Post Processors

A custom post-processor is a post written to a customers specifications. The specifications must be supplied before we can quote a price, and these posts will include machine and control definitions.

To Modify an Existing Post:

  1. Fill out and submit the Post Modification Form, including sample NC code attachment(s). If you don’t know your Post Ticket Number, it is okay to leave it blank (we will find it or assign you a new one).
  2. Steps 2-6 are the same as for a New Custom Post below.
Order a New Custom Post

1 – Click on the link that corresponds with your machine type, fill out and submit the form, including sample NC code attachment(s).

Lathe (Single Code Stream)

Mill (2-4 Axis)

Mill (5 Axis)

Mill-Turn (Multi Code Stream)

Router (2-4 Axis)

Router (5 Axis)



2 – MCAM Northwest will create and submit a quote to you once all required information/files are received. Payment terms for all post work is Prepaid. The quote will specifiy if the post will be built by MCAM Northwest or by one of our business partners, and will include a Post Ticket Number.

3 – When payment has been received,

  • MCAM Northwest places your post ticket into our post development queue, or
  • MCAM Northwest places the order with our business partner.

4 – MCAM Northwest delivers the custom post via email as soon as it is completed. The email will have instructions on how to submit a correction request along with the appropriate contact information.

5 – Customer tests the post and if needed, submits a correction request within the 30-day test period. These changes cannot include features outside of the original quoted specifications. If you need additional functionality, this will need to be quoted as a post upgrade.

6 – When the 30-day test period has expired, without an open correction request, MCAM Northwest will close the ticket. Any further requests for that post would then be submitted using the Post Modification form.

Post Processor Maintenance

MCAM Northwest will provide assistance on transitioning supported posts from a previous version to the current version of Mastercam to customers on current Mastercam maintenance. This service is included in your annual Mastercam maintenance agreement.

Post maintenance for customers who do not get their Mastercam maintenance through MCAM Northwest will be 10% of the retail price annually to manage post migration.

Our business partners may have separate fees for post maintenance – these will be included on your quote and re-quoted annually. These posts must be current on maintenance before any modifications can be done for them.

Unsupported Post Processors
  • Any third party post not supplied by MCAM Northwest, Inc.
  • Any post modified or altered by a customer or other third party: After a post is delivered, any modifications or altering of the source code will void any support for that post. The altered post will remain “as-is” and a new custom post will need to be purchased.
  • Any post in a sunsetted version of Mastercam.
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