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Post Processing Services Policies & Overview

Generic posts are available on the Mastercam Tech Exchange at no charge.

If the generic post for your machine is unavailable, or if the generic post doesn’t include all the options/features/nuances of your machine, you will need a custom post. 

A custom post is a post written to a customer’s specifications and will include machine and control definitions. Whenever possible, machine simulation (MachSim) will be quoted with the post. 

Fill out and submit the form with as much information as possible about your machine, ideally, including sample NC code attachment(s).

If you have any questions related to posts for Mastercam, or need help filling out a form, email

Delivery Process

Before your custom post is delivered, it will be fully tested using a sample part file, which will be included with your post delivery.

You will be notified via email when your post is ready and prompted to contact MCAM Northwest to schedule an installation meeting, during which we will walk you through the installation and testing of your post, machine simulation, or Mill-Turn Environment using best practices and to ensure that you are set up for success.

The initial delivery is a timed post file*. A follow-up delivery of an un-timed, permanent post file will be emailed to you in approximately 30 days, provided payment has been received. Installation instructions will be in the email however we are happy to help you if needed.

*With Mill-Turn Environments, timed/untimed status is not tied to the files themselves. They are instead governed by your Mastercam License Codes.

Post Processor Maintenance

New custom posts include a minimum 6-month maintenance period, and are quoted for renewal annually. Posts must be on current maintenance for any modification or correction work requested. Maintenance covers a range of work from basic (i.e. help with migrating a post from an older version) to more advanced needs, however, work outside the original scope of the post may be an additional cost.

Post Processor Modification / Correction

If you know your post author, you can send your request directly to them. We ask that you CC so we can monitor the progress of your request, and, if known, include your Post Ticket number so emails will be tied to your ticket records.

For Postability, email:

For In-House Solutions, email:

For anything else** or unknown author, submit a Post Modification Form 

**Note: Posts authored by MCAM Northwest/Allan Jones are no longer supported for modification and will be quoted a replacement with a modern, supported post from our post partners.

   Having trouble picking the right post processor for your machine? We explain the differences between post types in our Understanding CNC Post Processors blog.