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  Swiss Solutions

Your programmers no longer need to learn a separate software for your CNC Swiss machines. Give your shop the convenience and precision of Mastercam Swiss Machining Solutions for gang-style machines and select gang-turret and B-axis machines.

Our Swiss Solutions combine Mastercam Mill and Mastercam Lathe, with an optimized post processor to give you a reliable set of tools to program parts for your Swiss machines—exactly how you need them.

  • This bundle of technology delivers precision G-code and the flexibility to standardize your shop with a single software package to program a wide variety of Swiss machines.
  • Provides enhanced POCO (Pick-Off Cut-Off) strategy.
  • Includes multi-stream NC program viewing.
  • Customized Swiss posting options allow for more accurate G-code programming.
  • Integrated CAD for CAM provides a powerful set of tools for creating and manipulating wireframe, surfaces, STL, and solids data.

Programming in the Lathe product provides easy roughing, grooving, threading, parting, drilling, boring, and tapping. 

  • Full 3D CAD modeling
  • post output
  • Use existing Mastercam Mill or Mastercam Lathe knowledge to quickly produce Swiss programs
  • Maintain program uniformity throughout your shop
  • Intelligent, stock-aware toolpaths
  • Robust 3D solids and surface machining
  • Complete tool library and custom tool support
  • Flexibility to swap programmed part to different machine makes and models



You are provided with customized parameters directly within Mastercam for lathe stock advance, specific machine setup parameters, expandable custom machine options, and user-specified options.

Live Tooling

Machine any job with the combined power of C- and Y-axis machining.

Multi Stream Program Viewing with Sync Codes

Mastercam Swiss Solutions deliver a simple and effective way to get clean, proven G-code.

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