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Time Travel: Mastercam 2017 to 2024

Managing Documents & Data for Manufacturing (CIMCO MDM)

Leveraging Libraries for Optimum Efficiency

Mastercam 2024 New Feature Breakdown Part 1

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00:00 Introduction
01:31 What’s New in Mastercam Website
02:38 Controlling Your Graphics View with the Gview Cube
09:30 Dynamic OptiRough Improvements
12:52 Detecting Undercut Stock for Waterline Toolpaths
16:43 New Simulator Workflow for Mill and Router
24:43 Working with Content Files
29:18 Blade Expert Collision Checking
33:20 B-Axis Contour Turning Enhancements
45:21 Access to MCAM Webinar Recordings
45:51 Section Views in B-Axis Contour
49:26 Process Hole
1:08:19 MCAM Mastercam Knowledge Base
1:09:15 Machining Angle Controls for Unified
1:12:22 Setting First/Last Leads for 3D HST Finishing Toolpaths
1:16:14 Maximizing Tool Engagement for Dynamic Mill/OptiRough/Facing
1:23:24 Modifying Drafting Dimensions Directly
1:26:24 Machining Flat Areas with Area Roughing (Critical Depths)

Mastercam 2024 New Feature Breakdown Part 2

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00:00 Introduction
01:10 What’s New in Mastercam Website
02:34 Reversing a Chain/Changing Its Side
07:30 Area Mill Enhancements
15:22 Controlling Orientation of Disassembled Solids/Mesh Bodies
21:17 Changing WCS C Plane or T Plane
25:36 Pocketing and Roughing for 3-axis
30:00 Viewing Graphical Planes and Geometry Colors
43:12 Selecting Regions to Avoid for Pencil Toolpaths
45:58 Using Turret-Mounted Angled Milling Heads
55:44 Deburring Enhancements
56:12 Avoid Contact on Tip for Deburr
59:48 Setting Minimum Clearance Distance While Retracting
1:01:43 Solid Hole Enhancements
1:05:00 Load Save Defaults

Get Excited for 2024!

The Power of Model Prep

Overview—Lathe Plus Mill

The Power of Solid History

Building Blocks for Mill-Turn

How to Install and Configure Mastercam License Types

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00:00 Introductions
00:01:26 Resources for Mastercam
00:04:24 System Requirements
00:07:50 System Inspector
00:08:43 Graphics Cards
00:11:30 Registering on
00:12:17 Downloading the Installer
00:15:09 Installing Mastercam
00:17:58 How to Install Updates
00:21:39 Shared Folder
00:24:54 Settings Migration
00:33:21 Linking Your Account
00:35:16 Mastercam License Types
00:38:44 HASP License Type
00:41:18 Resources for HASP Setup
00:41:49 NetHasp License Type
00:43:26 Software License Type (Single Seat and Network)
00:46:15 Is there a cost difference between licensing types?
00:47:13 HASP License Setup/Updating Codes
00:47:41 NetHASP License Setup (Server)
00:49:50 Software + Network License Setup (Server)
00:51:55 Software + Network License Setup (Workstation)
00:52:19 Software + Network License Setup WebAdmin (Workstation)
00:53:27 Online Activation Software + Network License
00:57:46 Offline Activation Software + Network License
01:00:35 Online Deactivation Software + Network License
01:01:26 Installing Machines (Posts + .machine Environments)
01:03:01 Performance Troubleshooting
01:03:29 Show Toolpath Regeneration Time
01:04:15 Multi-Threading Manager
01:06:00 Additional Performance Troubleshooting
01:07:34 Benchmarking
01:12:10 Do You Need the Migration Wizard to Move Part (.mcam) Files?

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