April 2021

Thursday, 11th
Online via GoToWebinar

Lathe Tool Definition Deep Dive

Lathes allow you to use 2D and 3D tools, but when do you use 2D and when do you use 3D? We’ll explore the difference between these tools, go over the pros and cons of each, and discuss the Custom option for 2D tools.

Presented by Streamingteacher.

Thursday, 22nd
Online via GoToWebinar

3-5 Axis Programming Efficiency

Complex toolpaths can take a while to process, leaving you waiting for a computer to get the job done. Learn where you can make changes in Mastercam to make your programming faster, and see where else you might be experiencing bottlenecks in your computer.

Presented by Streamingteacher.

May 2021

Tuesday, 25th
Online via GoToWebinar

Mastercam Educators Meet and Greet

MCAM Northwest is excited to support the amazing people who teach Mastercam in our community. To get to know all of you, please join us for an online meet-and-greet for our new educational customers!

Presented by MCAM Northwest, Inc.