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Customer Success Story: Tuscano Machine Enhances Precision and Efficiency with Mastercam

Tuscano Machine, an advanced machine shop, stands out in the industry by seamlessly integrating traditional machining with cutting-edge additive manufacturing. The company specializes in manufacturing high-precision parts for diverse industries and applications.

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Commitment to Growth

In a conversation with the team at Tuscano Machine, they expressed their commitment to producing top-notch, high-end parts and becoming a one-stop shop for customers’ manufacturing needs.

Tuscano Machine aims to expand its service offerings and venture into new industries. This expansion involves incorporating new technologies, such as larger lathe capabilities and mill-turn services.

A Focus on Efficiency and Quality

For Tuscano Machine, the reliability of Mastercam’s CAM software has been crucial. Tuscano Machine is actively engaged in milling projects for industries such as oil and gas, firearms, drones, and batteries, and Mastercam plays a pivotal role in these operations. From the quoting process to fixture design and machining, Mastercam serves as the sole CAM software used in their shop.

Mastercam enables Tuscano Machine to produce intricate parts that would be challenging, if not impossible, with manual programming. Not only that, the software allows them to produce parts with the desired finishes directly off the machine, eliminating the need for post-processing tasks like deburring. This not only saves time but also enhances the overall quality of the manufactured parts.

Unexpected Advantages

Another key benefit highlighted by Tuscano Machine is how the software’s widespread use has facilitated the hiring process, helping the company find skilled employees who are already familiar with Mastercam. These employees are then able to hit the ground running, without the need for extensive training on a new program. This advantage is particularly significant in rural areas where finding skilled labor can be a challenge.

Tuscano Machine’s success story with Mastercam exemplifies how integrating advanced CAM software can drive growth, streamline operations, and attract skilled talent. Want to see for yourself how Mastercam can help your company become a leader in high-precision manufacturing? Give us a call at (503) 653-5332 or email us at

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