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Benefits of Post-Processing Services

Don’t overlook the important role of post-processors in Computer-Aided Machining (CAM)! Discover the benefits of post-processing services and the significant impact they have on CNC machining.

What is a Mastercam Post-Processor?
To optimize the operation of the machine, machines need post-processors. Post processors play a crucial role in translating toolpathing into machine-readable code, ensuring the seamless operation of CNC machines.

How Important is a Mastercam Post-Processor?

A post-processor is a critical component in CNC machining. A post-processor translates toolpath data from your CAD/CAM software to a language that your specific CNC machine can understand. CAM post-processing allows manufacturers to turn their programs into physical products with precision.

Here are the steps that generally happen during post-processing:
Step 1: Mastercam is fed information about the machining operations by the CNC programmers, such as the operations, tools used in processing, modes, etc.   It creates the paths the tools will take.
Step 2: The post-processor converts the toolpath into language that the machine understands ie G-code. The output produced by the post-processor should be usable without any further modifications.
Step 3: The code is exported to the machine, and the manufacturing process can begin.

Key Benefits of a Quality Mastercam Post-Processor

Increased Workflow Efficiency and Productivity – By ensuring that the output is usable without further modifications, top-notch post-processors allow programmers to focus on design intent rather than getting bogged down by manual code editing.

Optimization of Machining Processes – How closely does the post processor’s output match the CNC Machines code requirements? Good post processors take into account each individual machine’s kinematics, adjusting parameters such as feeds and speeds, and optimizing toolpath strategies. These adjustments help contribute to efficient machining, minimizing cycle times and enhancing overall productivity. Some users may also want a post processor that can ensure the cosmetic look of the G-Code match your companies needs – such as headers, DNC triggers, codes for machine monitoring, tool lists, etc

Quality Assurance and Support – How easy is it to have a post edited? Users have the option to choose between generic posts available on the Mastercam Tech Exchange or request a custom post through MCAM Northwest. Generic posts are free to download for all current Mastercam Maintenance users. If a user selects a custom post, these are fully tested using a sample part file, which will be included with your post delivery. This step helps to ensure that the post-processor performs as expected and meets the specific requirements of the machine and the job at hand. Additionally, custom posts typically come with a minimum 6-month maintenance period. This provides users with ongoing support for any modifications or corrections needed and ensures that you are set up for success.

Finding the Right Mastercam Post Processor

Your choice of a post-processor can impact your machine’s ability to operate at its full potential, which makes picking the right post-processor for your machine a big decision.

The best post processors optimize machining. They often offer advanced and custom post-processing services, ensuring that users can find the right solution for their unique machining requirements as well as offering users access to expertise and specialized support.

When it comes to Postability posts, PostCare keeps your post maintenance going long term so you stay on top of advancements in software, new toolpaths, and other updates. Want to learn more about why long term post care is worth it? Check out our blog HERE.

At MCAM Northwest, we are here to provide high-quality support for all your post-processing needs. If you want to learn more about post processors, find the post-processor your shop needs, or set up a Maintenance plan, visit our Post Processing Services Page to fill out post request forms and/or reach out to our Customer Care team at (503) 653-5332 or

We want to ensure that you get the post that keeps you running at maximum productivity and efficiency.


Key takeaways (TL;DR)

  • Post processors play a crucial role in translating design intent into machine-readable code, ensuring the seamless operation of CNC machines.
  • A quality Mastercam post-processor can provide users with several key benefits, including increased productivity, optimization of machining processes, and support.
  • The best post processors often offer advanced and custom post-processing services, ensuring that users can find the right solution for their unique machining requirements.
  • Picking the right post-processor for your machine is a big decision, and MCAM Northwest can help.


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