Why should you use SpaceClaim?

SpaceClaim is the fastest solid modeler available, letting you process more ideas more quickly and interact directly with your customers. Save time and get the job done right first time.

Only SpaceClaim has Pull, Move, Fill, and Combine, the easiest way to do 3D modeling with solids.  Achieve a higher rate of success with 3D modeling.

Never experience rebuild errors or struggle with complicated constraints. Leave those problems with traditional CAD and use SpaceClaim to reduce errors.

SpaceClaim’s automated repair tools are designed to target problem areas of any model and provide instant options for healing and repair. Whether a model is full of holes, gaps or corrupt surfaces, these tools quickly recreate models to their intended state. Spellcheck-like tools provide feedback on location and possible remedies, but you always have the option of accepting automated repairs or providing further control of surface contours or repair types. The end result is clean surfaces and watertight solids.

New Performance Advantages with ANSYS™ SpaceClaim

The new Skin Surface Tool easily allows reverse engineering of highly organic shapes within SpaceClaim. Easily fit complex surfaces through faceted data.

Reverse engineering with a few mouse clicks. Connect highly organic shapes with a few surface patches, or blend period loops together easier than ever. It’s one button, but it contains several built in workflows.


The new Shinkwrap Tool instantly cleans up models for 3D printing by creating a watertight, regular faceting around selected bodies.

Prepare extremely noisy scanned data or poor quality CAD files for printing in seconds, not hours or days.


Several enhancements include locking dimensions, enhanced navigation, a bidirectional link to Keyshot, and translator improvements.

Users have added control and security of model changes with locked dimensional control. Add to that improvements to navigation, and you’ll immediately notice the speed gains. LiveLinking to Keyshot delivers a more efficient rendering experience. Since interoperability has expanded, more users can take advantage of Ansys SpaceClaim for more use cases.

Top 10 Reasons To Use SpaceClaim
Multi-Purpose 3-D modeling for faster engineering results

ANSYS SpaceClaim is a multipurpose 3-D modeling application providing efficient solutions to common modeling tasks. Built on the direct modeling technology, SpaceClaim removes geometry problems associated with various 3-D CAD operations, such as design or concept modeling, repair of translated CAD files, general model defeaturing, and complete model editing. With it’s premise of ease of use and simplicity, you’ll find SpaceClaim to be extremely valuable in tackling small to large modeling problems.

A new way of 3-D Modeling
SpaceClaim’s unique user interface, modeling technology and versatile toolset enables you to easily create and modify geometry without the complexity associated with traditional CAD systems. When working with existing CAD models, you can de-feature and simplify geometry with automated, easy-to-learn tools. SpaceClaim is ideal for engineers who don’t have time for heavy CAD tools but want and need to get fast answers using 3-D.

Ease of Use
We believe that technology should work for you, not the other way around. Technology should make your job easier, not more complicated. SpaceClaim enables you to create, edit, or repair geometry without worrying about underlying technology. With SpaceClaim, working with 3-D modeling software becomes fast, easy, flexible, and rewarding, no matter where in the workflow you need it. Regardless of a model’s origin, you can open the file in SpaceClaim and add or subtract geometry in any way you visualize. With streamlined commands and workflows, operations that previously took hours can be completed in minutes. You’ll find learning SpaceClaim easy — weeks instead of months – and realize a return on your investment that’s faster than expected.

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