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Hybrid manufacturing has the potential to transform traditional machining shops. Recently, our Applications Engineer John Stauffer had the pleasure of sitting down with Hamoon Ramezani from APlus to discuss the incredible synergy between APlus and Mastercam that is revolutionizing the industry. Hamoon is the Training Program Manager and Applications Engineer at Camufacturing, whose flagship product is APlus.

What is hybrid manufacturing?
Hybrid manufacturing is the combination of additive and subtractive manufacturing techniques. It gives users the best of both worlds. APlus is a specialized Add-on designed by CAMufacturing Solutions Inc. to be the perfect key to unlocking hybrid manufacturing for current Mastercam users. APlus works with Directed Energy Deposition (DED), an additive approach most commonly used for metal part repair and to add material to metallic substrates. The solution works seamlessly with the CAD/CAM software’s Mill, Lathe, and Routing solutions.

APlus: Elevating Mastercam to New Heights

So, what exactly is APlus, and how does it enhance Mastercam’s capabilities? APlus serves as an additive manufacturing add-on for Mastercam, offering a seamless integration that allows users to program and simulate additive operations directly within the Mastercam interface.

According to Hamoon, APlus is specifically designed for Directed Energy Deposition (DED) processes. What sets it apart is its modular software design, supporting various existing additive processes.

The beauty of APlus is that it eliminates the need for separate software for additive and subtractive manufacturing. By installing APlus on top of Mastercam, users gain two extra toolbars, maintaining a user-friendly interface for existing Mastercam users to quickly adapt.

The Power of Hybrid Manufacturing

According to Hamoon, one of the key advantages of hybrid manufacturing is its ability to bring significant time, material, and cost savings. Additionally, hybrid manufacturing offers unparalleled flexibility. It allows the creation of intricate designs that might be challenging or costly with traditional methods, making it ideal for both production and repair scenarios.

Applications and Success Stories

During our conversation, Hamoon shared some compelling examples of industries benefiting from hybrid manufacturing. The defense industry, with its need for confidentiality and flexibility in part production and repair, stands out. Educational institutions, as well as automotive and aerospace industries, are also embracing the technology. (For more examples of using hybrid manufacturing for repair, visit the CAMufacturing YouTube channel.)

Another intriguing application that John and Hamoon discussed is in the injection mold industry. The ability to build cooling channels directly into metal molds presents an innovative and efficient solution.

Challenges and Solutions in Implementing Hybrid Manufacturing

Implementing hybrid manufacturing comes with challenges, such as choosing the right system and machine. Hamoon advises businesses to assess their specific needs, including materials, part size, and intended use. Collaboration with local Mastercam resellers or machine OEMs can provide valuable insights and recommendations tailored to individual requirements.

APlus: User-Friendly Interface and Ongoing Development

Addressing concerns about the learning curve for existing Mastercam users transitioning to APlus, Hamoon reassures users that the interface is intentionally designed to be similar to Mastercam. With a focus on user-friendly parameters, the transition is smooth, and users only need to familiarize themselves with new settings.

In terms of development, APlus maintains an agile approach, releasing an average of three major updates annually. This rapid evolution ensures that users have access to the latest advancements in additive manufacturing, reflecting the dynamic nature of this burgeoning industry. (Check out this recent webinar Elevate Manufacturing with Phillips Additive Hybrid and Mastercam’s APlus CAD CAM Software.)

Together, APlus and Mastercam are reshaping the manufacturing landscape. The flexibility, cost savings, and innovation offered by hybrid manufacturing are propelling industries into a new era of efficiency and creativity.

Intrigued by the possibilities APlus brings to the table? Don’t hesitate to reach out! Contact us to explore how APlus can elevate your manufacturing processes.

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