Mastercam Swiss Expert

Swiss Expert

Mastercam Swiss Expert is specialized CAD/CAM for precision programming. It is designed to control many Swiss-style NC machines, and is known for supporting an unlimited number of axes and channels, and for realistic simulation of the machine and its tools. Mastercam Swiss Expert reduces startup time significantly, is ideal for optimizing cycle times, and supports many tooling types.

Synchronization Made Easy

Mastercam Swiss Expert has all of the tools necessary to graphically optimize part cycle times and avoid collisions. With the Sync Manager, you can:

• Use an unlimited number of channels.
• Drag, drop, and sync operations to one another.
• Sync operations by tool group or by channel.
• View all machining patterns and modify them on the fly if necessary.
• Expand and contract the timeline for trouble-free viewing of the part process.
• Use colors to help identify which toolpaths belong to which tool group or channel.
• View the time each operation takes to complete

Mastercam Swiss Expert Pen Project

Tool Management

A Swiss machine’s tooling presents its own set of challenges. Mastercam Swiss Expert gives you all of the flexibility you need to meet these challenges in a powerful tool management environment. In the Tool Manager, you can:

• Select tools from our large library of pre-defined tools.
• Create your own custom tool libraries.
• Quickly access tools used in previous projects.
• Choose specialized tool holders from Swiss Expert’s libraries of machine specific
• Easily build your own tool assemblies. See your assembly update in a real-time
3D environment as you build it.
• Directly import solids into Swiss Expert’s Tool Manager for use in building your
own custom tools and tool assemblies.

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