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Why Custom Posts are Essential for Mastercam Users: Insights from Postability

What should a customer expect when purchasing a custom post? The importance of a well-crafted and customized post processor cannot be overstated. (Check out our blog about the Benefits of Post-Processing Services!) Postability, a bespoke software development firm specializing in post processors for Mastercam, is at the forefront of providing tailored solutions for the diverse needs of Mastercam users. In a recent interview with Tim Scott from Postability, we delve into the significance of dialed-in posts and the unique services offered by the company.

How do you choose a CNC machine post processor?
Postability distinguishes itself as a firm dedicated to developing post processors that seamlessly integrate with Mastercam, catering specifically to the nuances of individual machines and user preferences. The recent acquisition of Postability by Mastercam, under the Sandvik umbrella, solidifies the company’s position as a key player in the realm of CNC machining software.

The Challenge of Variability and Tailoring Posts for Individual Machines

One of the challenges highlighted by Tim during our interview, is the inherent variability in machine setups, even among identical machines. While some machines may only need basic information like brand and control, others, particularly retro-fit controls, may demand a more intricate set of details. He also stresses the importance of parameters, as slight differences in machine configurations or options can impact the functionality of the code generated by the post-processor.

The principle of a custom post processor lies in its ability to adapt to individual preferences and machine configurations. Two customers with the same machine may have distinct requirements, and a custom post ensures that the machine code aligns with the user’s specific needs. Postability collaborates directly with resellers, such as MCAM Northwest, and end-users to ensure the accuracy and effectiveness of their custom posts.

When it comes to tailoring posts, the more comprehensive the information at the outset, the smoother the implementation and operation of the custom post processors. This typically includes essential information about the machines, including details about controls, options, and specific configurations.

The Customization Process and the Important Role Maintenance Plays

Rather than starting from scratch for each custom post, Postability has a core engine that forms the basis for post development. Tim mentions the importance of tailoring this core engine to accommodate new revisions of controls and varying machine versions. Customization is a nuanced process that ensures the post aligns precisely with the unique requirements of each machine.

Postability offers maintenance services for its post processors, providing updates to accommodate new tool paths and software versions. While maintenance is optional, it becomes crucial when users adopt new software versions that necessitate adjustments to the post-processor. Staying up-to-date with maintenance ensures a seamless experience with evolving Mastercam features.

The Underutilized Power of Simulation

According to Tim, machine simulation is one of the most underutilized features. Especially in the context of more people working offsite, machine simulation becomes a visual aid in resolving issues before they manifest on the actual machine, reducing guesswork and potential errors.

He also mentions another frequently overlooked aspect is the customization of miscellaneous values in post processors. Tim points out that these values, though having default settings, can be tailored to meet specific output requirements. This customization adds another layer of flexibility for Mastercam users.

Commitment to Customer Success

Postability’s emphasis on customization, collaboration with resellers, and the provision of maintenance services reflect a commitment to delivering tailored solutions that evolve with the dynamic landscape of CNC machining. As Mastercam introduces new features, Postability stands ready to ensure that custom posts remain finely tuned to meet the unique demands of each user and machine.

To learn more about Postability, go check out their website.

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