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Meet one of the aces of our MCAM Northwest team: Customer Care Employee Marci Beddingfield.

Meet Marci

When you call MCAM Northwest Marci is likely the first person that you talk to. Marci has been a central figure at MCAM for almost a decade and is a fantastic problem solver, helping our customers and fellow employees. We sat down with Marci to talk about her passion for manufacturing and how she helps drive MCAM Northwest’s customer service.

What do you do at MCAM Northwest?
My position requires a wide range of tasks spanning from sales to low (very low)-level tech support. My responsibilities include processing all orders, managing the phones, and diligently pursuing resolutions for our customers as quickly and efficiently as possible.

How long have you worked at MCAM Northwest?
9 years!

Where are you working from?
At home in Oregon City (the same spot as MCAM’s headquarters!)

What has been your favorite moment so far working at MCAM Northwest?
My favorite part is the relationships with my fellow employees and the customers I get to interact with. One of my favorite company activities was the White Album Christmas Show at the Alberta Theater that the Rowleys took all of us to one year. If you like the Beatles and the circus, I highly recommend it!

Up For Adventure

From the ocean to the stars, Marci has a zest for exploration!

What did you do before joining MCAM Northwest?
I’ve always been dabbling in the manufacturing industry, both with machining and printing. I’ve worked at a couple of machine shops as well as on the printing press side of manufacturing.

What’s a job you dreamed of having when you were a kid?
One of my childhood dream jobs was to be an oceanographer. (Bonus: Marci has lived all over the world!)

What are your Hobbies?
I love music, reading, art, and animals. I currently have a dog, two cats, a rabbit, a rat, a bird, and two chickens.

If you could spend a day in someone else’s shoes (anyone in the world), whose would they be?
I would love to spend a day as an astronaut, out exploring space.

Passion for Manufacturing

When it comes to working in manufacturing, Marci says just do it!

How did you come to work in manufacturing?
It all started when I answered a help-wanted ad for work in a print shop. I fell in love with the fast pace and high energy that manufacturing offers.

What is the coolest thing you have learned recently that Mastercam can do?
It’s all cool! Everything it does is cool! Of course, it’s also the people behind it. That’s really where the awesome piece comes in, seeing how smart machinists are.

What advice do you have for people wanting to pursue a career in manufacturing?
Do it! It’s a really rewarding career and I don’t think you’ll ever get bored.

Thanks, Marci, for being our customer service ace!

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